Hey There!

It's Pam

I’m the one being fed cake from my wife Kelly.

The question that comes up with couples is about the story of you met, so here's the abbreviated version of our story.

How’d we meet?

We met online.

As of writing this, we met 11 years ago. We’ve been married for seven years.

When we share our story that part alone gets a “Wooow.”

Then we share the next part.

I lived in Central Jersey and Kelly lived in South Texas.

Yup. we were almost 2,000 miles apart when we met.

Another “Wooow.

We both had full-time jobs. At the time I was almost 20 years into my job and Kelly was two years into her career.

There’s a nine-year age difference between us. When I was a freshman in college Kelly was in the fourth grade. That freaks me out sometimes, but since we were full-on grown-ass women when we met I'm okay robbing the cradle.

After two years of flights of $300-$400, with an occasional discount, if we were lucky, things got real serious.

We were in love LOVE and holes were burning in our pockets with those expensive dates.

So we talked next steps

Because of the nature of Kelly’s profession, there was no guarantee where’d she’d end up. The goal though was to get closer. Like no more than a seven-hour drive closer.

With faith and divine intervention, Kelly landed a job in the same city as me. The greatest city in the world – NYC.

The job thing was solved, but what about where to live?

What do you mean where to live, Pam?

Naturally, we’d move in together, right?


Not us. That’s not how we wanted to roll. Too many lesbian/queer/bi relationships don’t last because the relationship moves too fast or because the women didn’t know each other well enough, or both.

This next part floors people.

Here's what we did.

Kelly found an apartment five miles and a fifteen-minute drive away from my townhouse.

Were you floored too?

Look, we wanted our relationship to last. In the summers before Kelly moved to New Jersey, Kelly would stay with me for about three weeks. But three weeks of cohabitating is a whole lot different than cohabiting for years.

So we decided to live near each other for a year with Kelly staying with me on the weekends to see how things went.

Clearly, they went well. After four years of being girlfriends, we got married in July of 2013.

Let me tell you, mouths drop when we tell our story.

Years later, COVID hit.

We couldn't travel, which is something we love to do and that we will share here in addition to topics on the foundation of healthy lasting relationships.

When we vacation, we shoot live videos to share the destination and our experiences there.

Since we weren't traveling during COVID, we made a video about the first time we met in person.

A weird and unexpected thing happened.

Someone saw our video sharing our story about the first time we met in person.

That story of how we met turned into an invitation to speak to a group of single lesbians.

Then that turned into us running workshops on profile writing for online sites and apps, lesbian relationships, and 1:1 sessions helping to write those profiles.

It also set our mission in motion.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to focus on our forgotten about and ignored community. We face so much opposition, we made it a mission to pay to our romantic relationships. That's why we help you create the foundation for going into and maintaining a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship.


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