Say thisInstead of that

9 Online Dating Profile Writing tips for Single Lesbian, Bi, or Queer women

  • How to get a conversation started just by tweaking a few words.
  • Remove mental blocks about what to say to strike her/their interest.
  • Avoid being weeded out by saying the same thing as your competition.

Whatever Your Experience with Profile Writing You are not Alone...

I went from having no profile to one that I feel great about!

"Kelly and Pam gave me the space to think about what I’m looking for and the tools to write a profile."

Kaya, New York City, Professor

And now my profile is much more down-to-earth and positive

"My profile was really negative. It was like a resume of a list of do's and don'ts and likes and don't likes. They  (Kelly and Pam) even inspired me to let out my own voice and my own ideas in a way that made it much more fun in a succinct way so that women who actually see my photo take the time to read my profile and finish it. It's actually short enough to read and then they can decide whether or not they think that I could be what they're looking for and they would be what I'm looking for as well."

Victoria, Self-Employed Real Estate Developer & Designer

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